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This is a fortnightly newsletter covering topics in MLOps, Machine Learning, and more broadly, AI. It’s written by Matt Squire and each edition will focus on a single subject along with a few random thoughts.

About Matt Squire

Matt is the CTO and co-founder of Fuzzy Labs. He’s had a long standing interest in artificial intelligence, having honed his craft over many years in industry and continues to work closely with the team at Fuzzy Labs on the technical challenges of putting ML into production.

About Fuzzy Labs

Fuzzy Labs are an MLOps consultancy based in Manchester, UK., working with companies to help them productionise AI and ML through open source MLOps tooling. The team often works at the bleeding edge of ML, more recently productionising generative AI-based solutions for a range of customers.

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Matt Squire is an expert on MLOps and in this publication he's going to tell you WTF it is, and why it is essential for building AI applications


CTO & co-founder at @fuzzylabsai I enjoy AI, MLOps, bio-inspired computing, functional programming, linguistics, cycling, and wildlife conservation.